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Referral Bonus Program

Daniel Liem
Daniel Liem
Jan 26, 2022 - 2 min read
Referral Bonus Program

We just raised $5M and are supporting over 10,000 teams... but we're only 8 people. This is unsustainable - that's why we're hiring.

This time, we’re excited to announce our first ever external recruiting referral program!

If you refer someone we successfully hire (meaning: they accept our offer to join Pesto), you have the option to choose the following:

  • 💰 $10,000 cash bonus
  • 📈 "right to invest" in our next round (must be accredited). To clarify: you are responsible for your own cost basis

In order to qualify for a referral:

  1. You must introduce the candidate to us via email, text, or some other form of communication that provides evidence of a paper trail
  2. The candidate cannot be a personal connection to a current Pesto employee, they must be a new connection
  3. Additionally, if a Pesto employee has reached out to the candidate on their own for hiring purposes, you cannot suddenly claim you are a referrer of that candidate to capitalize the opportunity. You must have referred them before we reached out on our own
  4. Simply providing a list of potential candidates for us to reach out to does not qualify as a referral

Here’s why we’re doing this:

  1. We want incentives to align. We know finding great talent in today’s market takes time and hard work.
  2. We think it’s only fair to compensate you if you help us. It’s a triple win after all - for us, for you, and for the potential hire!
  3. We want folks who believe in us and the long-term potential of Pesto and remote work, and we can’t cultivate this community alone

Right now, we’re hiring for the following: /blog/jobs

🖌️  Product Designer #1
⚒️  Software Engineers

Today, we’re a team of 8 that is fully distributed across the US. If you or anyone you know is just as excited about building a more digitally native, authentically human workplace with us, send us a message at [email protected]

Special thanks to Justine Palefsky at Kindred Homes for letting us borrow this whole idea! ☺️

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