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Announcing our pricing plan

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Apr 28, 2022 - 2 min read
Announcing our pricing plan

Update: our pricing page is live.

We're finally introducing our pricing plans for Pesto. This is a very important step for us to become a sustainable business that can serve you as well as possible.

In this post, I'll share details about the plans, the dates for the rollout, some discounts you can claim, and how you can give us feedback.

Plan details

We're introducing two tiers: a free tier, and a standard tier that costs $8 per user per month if billed annually ($10 if monthly).

  • Our free tier teams will receive 25,000 premium minutes*, and will downgrade to voice-only once they are used up. They will also receive 50 coins per week at the avatar store.
  • Our standard tier teams will receive unlimited premium minutes* and 250 coins per week at the avatar store.

* "Premium minutes" include HD voice, HD video, 4k screen share, and screen drawing.

Important note: the minutes are given up-front, and are not refreshed monthly.

There's no way to switch to voice-only and then back to premium - you'll just use the premium minutes until you're out, and then switch to voice-only mode.

Administrative features (roles and member permissions) will move to the standard tier only for new teams, but we'll keep them around for now for pre-existing teams.

Rollout schedule

We'll do the rollout as follows:

  • By June 1, 2022 - we'll introduce our pricing page, and you'll see ways to pay for Pesto in the app. The premium minute limit will start being tracked but won't actually be enforced until...
  • On July 1, 2022 - we'll start enforcing free plan limits for those who have used up their premium minutes

For those who upgrade to our standard tier, your money will go into further innovation, quality enhancements, and new features.


As a thank you to the wonderful teams who have helped make Pesto what it is today, we'll offer the following discounts at launch:

  • Teams created May 30, 2022 or earlier - 10% off for one year
  • Teams created Dec 31, 2020 or earlier - 20% off for one year
  • Teams who have a written testimonial on our website - 30% off for one year

These discounts are mutually exclusive, so you'll pick the best one you qualify for. They'll expire if you don't upgrade to the paid tier by August 31, 2022.


We understand that introducing pricing is sensitive, and while we've tried to be fair with this, there may be reasonable scenarios we did not think through.

If this pricing model is problematic for you, you want to share feedback, or you're just confused, please reach out via in-app support so that we can understand your concerns and see if there's anything we can do about it.

We're excited to take Pesto to the next level with you!

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