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Pragli Press Kit

Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair
Apr 14, 2020 - 4 min read
Pragli Press Kit

Download the media kit assets here

Read our official launch & funding statement here 👏

🛣️ Roadmap

⚡ Overview

Pragli is a virtual office for remote teams, used by hundreds of leading companies globally such as Facebook, VMware, and GoDaddy.

Our product enables remote workers to frictionlessly dive into impromptu conversations with audio channels and direct conversations, similar to a walkie talkie. The product also allows you to feel more present with your team by helping you craft a unique digital identity with live avatars.

🏃 Traction & Quotes

We released the beta version of our application 6 months ago and over the last two months, we have grown our user base 20x as workers have started working from home to stay safe during the COVID crisis.

Some quotes from our users below (work in progress).

JT Olio, Vice President of Engineering at Storj Labs

Our team is highly decentralized and we use an array of tools to communicate with one another, however nothing we've tried has delivered the natural, water-cooler-style conversations that we get from Pragli. The ability to switch between "rooms" with screen sharing, video, and voice in one app is great. It has really helped us improve transparency across teams. Plus, the avatars are quite charming as well.

Mel Chiri, Growth Marketing at HiHello

As a remote team, one thing we miss out on is the day-to-day interactions typically experienced in a normal office environment. Now that we use Pragli, that's no longer a concern. We've set up different "meeting rooms" and have the ability to talk to anyone with a moment's notice. Although our team is spread out across the country, it feels like we're all in the same place.

D Pham, Software Engineer at NoRedInk

When I returned home after visiting my company’s HQ, I was glad I could emulate turning to my coworkers to ask questions on Pragli.

Paolo Frizzi, Director at Libraesva

My sincere compliments to Pragli! The platform is great, and it is effectively helping us face these extraordinary times here in Italy.

💸 Funding

We recently raised a pre-seed round of venture capital from Manu Kumar, the founder of K9 Ventures and founder of Carta and HiHello. We plan to use the capital to accelerate product distribution.

Manu's Twitter: @ManuKumar

K9 Ventures website:

⚒️ Product screenshots and recordings

Full product screenshot, not in conversation  (Download PNG · Download JPG)

Full product screenshot

Full product screenshot, in conversation (Download PNG · Download JPG)

Set your status (Download GIF)

Setting manual statuses

Integrate your calendar to set your status (Download GIF)

Using Google Cal / Outlook Cal as a status

Celebrate success (Download GIF)

Celebrate success

We prefer using the horizontal text logo (#1), but feel free to use other variations if they work better for your needs.

#1 Horizontal logo (Download SVG · Download PNG)

#2 Vertical logo (Download SVG · Download PNG)

#3 Logo with no text (Download SVG · Download PNG)

💪 Team

We are a team of two software engineers and serial entrepreneurs. After two years of remote work, we were inspired by the flexibility of remote work, but frustrated with the loneliness and communication overhead. We built Pragli to solve these problems.

Doug Safreno, Founder of Pragli (Download PNG)

Vivek Nair, Founder of Pragli (Download PNG)

We previously founded StacksWare (funded by Greylock Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners and acquired by Avi Networks) and won Forbes 30 under 30 for Enterprise Software for our work.

Before that, we graduated from Stanford in 2015 with Computer Science degrees. Vivek still teaches there for fun as a lecturer in the Computer Science department.

Working on the top of a U-Haul (guerilla marketing)  (Download PNG)

Working on a U-Haul in Alamo Square

🐦 Social

We have an active presence on the following social networks




Loneliness is Distracting

Loneliness is Distracting

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Mar 20, 2020 - 5 min read