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Vivek Nair
Vivek Nair
Apr 14, 2020 - 2 min read
Pesto Press Kit

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Pesto raises $5M to make remote work more human



Pesto is the digitally native, authentically human workplace.

At Pesto, we envision a world where remote work is more effective and less lonely than the office, where interacting in a digital workplace is more powerful and convenient even when people happen to be physically collocated.

Today in Pesto, co-workers build a digital workplace together that’s authentically human. They customize their avatar in the workplace, which takes the place of video to be less fatiguing and more personable. Then, they create a variety of rooms – organized spaces for audio-first collaboration that include screenshare, video, games, or spatial features. Together, avatars and rooms empower teams to work together in ways that are more organic and immersive.

Traction & Quotes

Over 10,000 teams have signed up for Pesto. Pesto users logged 100,000,000 voice and video minutes in 2021.

Peter Verillo, CEO @ Enhatch

During the pandemic, Pesto connected our team in a way that forever changed how we work together. This allowed us to almost triple in size this year, with team members across several time zones.

Katie Robinson, General Manager @ Sortify

Pesto IS our office. Our daily standups, development team meetings, and casual chats are here. We have Friday drinks here! We couldn’t operate without it.

James Deacon, Sales @ HiHello

Pesto allows me to connect with my colleagues in a fun environment that is far less draining (and far more fun) than video calls. My favourite feature is the LoFi room... tune in, zone out, and get s**t done!

Arber Muharemi, Full Stack Engineer @ FullStory

FullStory's Workflows team uses Pesto daily for collaborating on code. The platform serves as a way for the team to casually communicate like they're in the office, all from the comfort of their homes.

Shintaro Tsuji, CEO & Founder @ aiPass

Pesto not only builds our virtual office, but also supports communication for better team building.

Philip Rees, CTO @ Tidal Migrations

Pesto is great for connecting with teammates throughout the work day. We use it to easily start ad hoc discussions (or scheduled ones). It's personable and fun; everyone has their own custom avatar.


In February 2022, we announced our $5M seed round led by Jett Fein and Jaja Liao at Headline. Read the announcement.

Previously, in April 2020, we announced our $1M pre-seed round led by Manu Kumar, the founder of K9 Ventures and founder of Carta and HiHello.

Manu's Twitter: @ManuKumar

K9 Ventures website:

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Loneliness is Distracting

Loneliness is Distracting

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Mar 20, 2020 - 5 min read