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Pragli is now Pesto

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Dec 5, 2021 - 2 min read
Pragli is now Pesto

We’ve changed our name! Pragli is now Pesto, the digitally native, authentically human workplace. We have a new static site, and you’ll also notice some cosmetic changes to the app.

Like the pasta sauce?

Yes, like the pasta sauce. We went through a very involved branding process that began during our “onsite” in Hawaii, and we landed on Pesto because:

  • Pesto is optimistic - because we believe that the future of work should be fun and meaningful
  • Pesto is homey - it’s comfortable, just like the digital home for your team should be
  • Pesto is authentically unique - we do things that other work products won’t do, like launching games, when they improve the work lives of our users

Plus, we just love the new color palette...

The digitally native, authentically human workplace

For many of you, Pragli is your “virtual office.” It’s the place you log in every day, collaborate with coworkers, and even have your happy hours.

We aren’t changing that statement dramatically with Pesto, but we want to emphasize what’s special about it - namely, that Pesto is “digitally native” AND “authentically human.”

“Digitally native” means that Pesto is designed for a digital-first world, in which people work from anywhere. Working in Pesto should be faster and better than being in person.

“Authentically human” means that people feel authentically connected when working together - they work collaboratively to get work done together, as opposed to a forced Zoom “sync” scheduled for sometime next week after 2 days of back-and-forth Slack messages.

We’re also eliminating the term “office,” and replacing it with “workplace.” It's hard not to think of the old world of physically being in the office every day when you see the word "office." We think “workplace” better evokes the new Pesto way of working.

Hence, Pesto is the “digitally native, authentically human workplace.”

Avatars and rooms

Avatars and rooms are the core features that make Pesto faster and more authentic than other digital ways of working.

We're putting these features in the spotlight on our new static site at You can expect us to double down on improving the quality, depth, and breadth of these features as we march forward as Pesto.

What's next?

Consider this the “soft launch” of Pesto - we’re letting our community know about it now, but we’ll be making a lot more noise early next year, so we’ve saved some other special announcements for then. For now, enjoy your Pesto and have a wonderful holiday season.

Winter is Here ☃️

Winter is Here ☃️

Katherine Luo
Katherine Luo
Dec 2, 2021 - 1 min read