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Introducing: Team Administration

Katherine Luo
Katherine Luo
Jul 14, 2021 - 3 min read
Introducing: Team Administration

You can now create different team roles and control the permissions for each role. This allows managers and IT functions to ensure members are only given the necessary permissions in their Pesto workspace.

High Level Features

There are two default roles to start - Admin and Regular

  • Admin roles have all permissions enabled and cannot be edited or deleted
  • Regular roles can be edited but not deleted

Custom roles can be created by those who have "create and edit roles" permissions

  • These custom roles can be both edited and deleted

Admin roles can change the default role for all new members that join the team through an invite link

How to Navigate

Next to your team name, you'll see a dropdown arrow

Click on "Team settings" then "Roles"

Here is the default view of the Roles tab. You can hover over each line item to get more information on what the permission does

Permissions Breakdown

  • Add member - Add a new member to the team
  • Remove member - Remove a member from the team
  • Team Preferences - Edit team settings under "General" tab and team integrations under "Integrations" tab
  • Delete team - Delete the team
  • Create and Edit roles - Create new roles under the "Roles" tab
  • Initiative conversation - Request or talk to another member on the team
  • Modify room - make changes to room settings
  • Modify discussion - make changes to discussion settings

Custom Roles

Additionally, you can create custom roles and change the default role for all new members to your team. You can delete custom roles at any time.

Hover next to the custom role name to find the delete button

Note that when you delete a custom role, all of the members with that role will automatically be reverted back to a Regular User.

Change Members' Role

If you click on the "Members" tab you'll be able to see all existing members in your team. Here, you'll be able to change a members' role or delete a member.

Hide Members' Customizations

Admins can hide member's customizations by simply checking the box on the General tab. Doing this will hide weather, Spotify, and calendar integrations for every team member. This can be useful if your Pesto team is a community where people in the team might not know each other.

Things to Note

Every existing team at the time of the Team Admin launch will have every member automatically converted to an Admin role. We encourage team managers to go in and manually change their team members' roles.

As a future improvement, we plan to allow organizations to integrate their own SSO system.

What is Pesto?

Pesto is a team communication platform that makes remote and hybrid work more fast, fun, and inclusive.

Our product is currently completely free - try it out at /

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