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Frequently Asked Questions

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Apr 14, 2020 - 6 min read
Frequently Asked Questions

Note: you may also want to read Pesto best practices.

Table of Contents

Pricing and Limits

How is Pesto priced?

Pesto is currently rolling out a pricing plan that includes a free tier and a paid tier. Learn more about our plans here.

Are the room minutes refreshed monthly or just up front?

The minutes are given up front and are not refreshed monthly.

How many users can be in a team?

We currently don't have a limit on the number of users who can be in a team. However, we recommend keeping each team to <50 people, and using our multi-team support to split larger groups into individual teams.

How many users can be in a single room (within a team)?

Rooms are audio/video meeting spaces within a team. We currently support a maximum of 25 users in a single room.

Supported operating systems and browsers

Note: EA stands for early access. Early access is usable but not considered stable.

macOS Windows Linux iOS Android Chromebook
Native app Yes Yes EA EA EA n/a
Chrome Yes Yes EA no no EA
Edge (Chromium) Yes Yes n/a no no n/a
Safari EA n/a n/a no n/a n/a
Firefox Yes Yes EA no no n/a
Samsung n/a n/a n/a n/a EA n/a


What's the difference between closed door and open door?

Closed door:

  1. Communication like a phone call. Other users must ring you to bring you into rooms.
  2. Never marked as idle.

Open door:

  1. Communication like a walkie-talkie. Other users can click on you to pull you into a room. By default, if pulled, you will join with audio and video off
  2. After 10 minutes of inactivity, you will be automatically marked as idle

When someone pulls me into a room, can they hear or see me?

Short answer: no, and you can disable pulls by closing your door.

Long answer: when person X starts a conversation with person Y or pulls person Y into a room, by default person X has audio on and video off, and person Y has audio off and video off (to protect privacy).
Your own defaults can be customized in "My user settings" → "Audio and video"

How to change your join/pull settings

What is "video avatar"? Where does the video go?

"Video avatar" is an in-room option that replaces an actual video stream. It's more private than actually having your video on.

"Video avatar" uses your camera to detect you. All detection is done locally on your computer. No video is uploaded / transferred anywhere.

Your horizontal position and your smile state are transferred (as numbers) to move avatars on other people's screens. No history is saved.

When I set my status, can people still pull me into a room?

Your status can be automatically managed by your calendar, or manually overridden. Either way, you determine the behavior. You can tell what Pesto is doing by the icon to the left of your name.

You can manually edit your pull settings for your status

You can select this manually in the status menu, or configure how calendar events show up under "My user preferences" → "Customizations."


Are you SOC2 Compliant?

Yes, we are. Specifically: we are Type 1 compliant. If you’re interested in receiving a copy of our report, reach out to [email protected] for more information (requires signing an NDA).

Read more here: /blog/soc2

Where are your privacy policies / terms of service?

Here: /kb/privacy

Give me an overview of Pesto's security features

Authentication is done securely via O-Auth with Google, Microsoft, or Github.

Pesto's audio/video/screen share is backed by WebRTC. As necessitated by the WebRTC standard, communication is encrypted.

Room UUIDs are securely randomized (security by obscurity) by default, and can be locked easily to prevent meeting bombing if someone undesirable is given the UUID.

You can lock a room to prevent meeting bombs

All data outside of audio/video/screen share is stored in our Google Cloud database, which is encrypted at rest. Our security rules are used to guarantee that only members of teams have access to team data. Only the 5 members of the engineering team have access to the DB.

For more specific questions or concerns, please message us via Intercom on the home page or in the app.

How To

How do I remove myself / someone else from a team?

First, open team settings.

Open team settings

Then, delete the member under "Members"

How to delete members from your team

How do I delete a team?

Go to Team Settings > General > Delete this team.

The UI is too big, I can't see everyone. How do I see more people on my team?

For now, use Cmd/Ctrl +/- to zoom in and out. We will have a better solution soon.

How do I integrate my calendar?

How to integrate your Google or Microsoft Calendar with Pesto

How do I delete or rename a room?

Hover over the team in the sidebar and then press the gear to reach the room settings. From there, you can edit room names and/or delete rooms.

Hover over the room to access room settings
Here you can change room settings

How do I access the tray mode?

In macOS, you can find it in the top right corner of the screen.

On Windows, it will show up in the taskbar, generally in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Note that on Windows it may be collapsed - here's how to get to it, and un-collapse it, if so.

How do I share my computer's audio with my screen?

We currently don't support this natively in Pesto, though we intend to.

As a stopgap, consider using external software to route your audio output into Pesto. Here are a few options to consider:

Let us know if you find any other ones, and we'll list them here.

Bugs and Fixes

Pesto crashed / I found a bug / something was unintuitive. How can I report it?

Please log the issue via the Pesto team chat which you can find in your Pesto team or through Intercom, the chat bubble at the bottom-right of the Pesto website. We depend on your reports to improve Pesto, so please let us know when you run into something!

I cannot join a room or start a conversation because our corporate firewall is blocking the connection. What ports or domains do I need to unblock?

We primarily use our own video / audio backend (v2 in the app). Here are the ports and domains that must be unblocked.
TCP: 443
UDP: 1024-64000

If you switch to v1, we use as our video conferencing provider. Here are the ports and domains that must be unblocked to properly access their servers. Learn more about Agora's firewall restrictions here.
Destination Ports Port Type Operation
80; 443; 3433; 4700 - 5000; 5668; 5669; 5866 - 6000; 6080; 6443; 8667; 9667; 30011 - 30013 (for RTMP converter) TCP Allow
3478; 5866 - 6000 UDP Allow

On an AMD 15" or 16" Macbook Pro, I'm seeing weird flashing / red tearing / crashes. How do I resolve?

Try restarting the application. Go to My User Settings > Interface.

How to restart the Pesto app

On a Chromebook / Chrome OS, I am getting horrible video performance / lag. How do I fix this?

Try enabling this Chrome flag: chrome://flags/#force-preferred-interval-for-video

Pesto Press Kit

Pesto Press Kit

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