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Introducing Direct Messages (DMs)

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Jul 30, 2020 - 2 min read
Introducing Direct Messages (DMs)

Our vision for Pesto has always been voice & video first. We want remote teammates to flow freely in and out of conversation, just like in an office.

As such, we've designed Pesto to be used alongside a dedicated text tool like Slack or Teams. But we, like many of you, get annoyed with frequently switching apps to share a file or for a simple "grab me when you have a sec."

I'm excited to announce Pesto's direct messages to solve this problem.

How to use DMs

You can DM anyone who is online or offline by clicking on the new "Chat" button to open the DMs tray. You can also just click on their name.

Note: if you are in the same room as someone, this button will instead open the room chat. Hover over it and click "Direct messages" if you want to DM them instead.

🔑 Features

Rich text



Notifications & Badges

By default, new messages will fire native notifications unless you have Pesto focused and that user's DMs open. When using the desktop app, clicking the notification will focus Pesto and open the relevant DMs.

Unread messages will also leave badges on the relevant user. When using the desktop app on macOS, they will also leave a badge on the app; on Windows, they will flash the icon in the taskbar.

Share your feedback

As always, we're excited to see how you use Pesto DMs. What breaks? What other features do you want? Please share your thoughts via the support chat in the app.

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