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Cold Winter Returns!

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Jan 5, 2022 - 2 min read
Cold Winter Returns!

Cold Winter, our seasonal team building game, is back for the next few months!

In Cold Winter, you and your teammates are stuck in a bitter winter landscape, where one of you is secretly the evil ice mage. Discover the ice mage before they freeze your entire team!

Win 100 points by winning, either as the ice mage or as a civilian, and unlock the ice wand!

How it works

To get started, first make a Cold Winter room, and have your teammates join the lobby.

In a town locked in the cold of winter, one of you is the 🌬️ evil ice mage. The rest are 🧐 civilians. Use arrow keys to move around.

🌘 Nights are stormy; your vision is limited. In addition, you'll only be able to hear and speak to people within a certain radius of you.

Once per 🌘 night, the 🌬️ ice mage can freeze everyone within a radius. Don't group up, or they'll easily win the game.

During the ⛅ day, you are safe. Discuss and vote for who you think is the 🌬️ ice mage.

The civilians win if the ice mage is found; the ice mage wins if all of the civilians are frozen!


Every time you win a game of Cold Winter, as a civilian or ice mage, you'll get points. Get to 100 points to win the new Ice Wand.

New this year

This year, Cold Winter uses our v2 A/V backend, which allows us to do true spatial audio. Now, at night only, people around you will be fainter or louder depending on how close they are to you.


Let us know what you think by messaging the "Pesto team" in Pesto!

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