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Pesto's 2021 in review

Doug Safreno
Doug Safreno
Jan 4, 2022 - 2 min read
Pesto's 2021 in review

In 2021, Pesto grew from 2 to 8 people, launched mobile apps and new room types, brought our infrastructures in house, and rebranded to Pesto.

Six new teammates

In 2021, we grew from the 2 founders to a team of 8. Our team is fully remote, but we came together twice, in Hawaii and then in Colorado.

Pragli team in Hawaii
Pragli team in Boulder, Colorado

While growing as a remote team, we learned a lot, like the budget for a Hawaii offsite or how to effectively take calls in a loud room. We're still hiring - if you're interested in design or engineering at Pesto, please check out our hiring page!

Lofi & spatial rooms

Lofi and spatial rooms provide new ways for teammates to work and be together.

Lofi rooms are like the library - everyone can sit quietly and work in one another’s presence.

Spatial rooms are like the cafeteria - not always the best for working, but awesome for hanging out and building bonds.

These two rooms are just the starting point for what will eventually be a whole host of rooms for different use cases.

Mobile apps

We started off 2021 by launching our iOS app, and later in the year brought mobile to Android. Our mobile apps still aren’t living up to our expectations from a stability and performance perspective, so expect us to continue to do a lot of work here in 2022.

In-house infrastructures

When we started Pesto, we heavily leveraged two technologies to get off the ground - Agora and Firebase. These allowed us to get off the ground quickly, but soon became stability and scale bottlenecks as demand for Pesto exploded with the pandemic.

To solve these issues, in February, we moved off Agora and launched our own audio/video infrastructure. This gives us extraordinary visibility and ability to diagnose issues within our own audio/video stack.

In November, we (largely) moved off Firebase and launched our own data infrastructure (learn more here). We've since been able to accomplish a ton of performance & stability work (more here).

Together, these infrastructures give us greater capability and scale than what we'd previously achieved.

Pesto rebrand

We never loved the name Pragli; so, beginning with our onsite in Hawaii, we worked on developing a new name. Learn more about why we chose Pesto here.

And much more…

Looking forward to 2022

Stay tuned for some big announcements and updates about our vision for 2022, coming soon.

User Wish List Avatar Pack

User Wish List Avatar Pack

Katherine Luo
Katherine Luo
Dec 16, 2021 - 1 min read